Seeking Artist Submissions for Mills College Art & Literary Journal

The English Department of Mills College (of which I am now a proud member) produces an annual literary & arts journal called 580 Split. This national journal includes innovative and risk-taking fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art. It is one of the few literary journals carried by the Oakland Public Library and is also distributed […]

Some Fun Stuff for your Weekend…

Today you get a list. You love lists. Right? Here’s a smattering of events happening this weekend. Not comprehensive. Just a few things I thought sounded interesting… FRIDAY – May 2nd Art Murmur (of course) – It’s First Friday again. With this week of ridiculous summer weather wrapping up, I imagine tonight will be quite […]

Blog Restart. Giving it another go…

So I’ve been thinking for awhile about restarting this blog. I miss it. For all intents and purposes, I stopped working on it around July of 2012, which is when I started working double-time for a brief spell, finishing one gig at the same time I was starting a new one. My old job had […]

Icons of Oakland’s Grand Avenue

So yesterday’s test was a little too easy, eh? It seems the Pet Hospital sign was the real giveaway… and if that sign clued you in to this awesome stretch of Oakland, these signs should really ring a bell. I start with The Alley, because it’s a real gem. A one of a kind. An […]