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Put on a happy face

I got a new sticker yesterday on my speed bump post outside.  And it made me happy on a day when not many happy things happened.  No sir-ee.  But I did get this cool sticker.  And I did see a huge rainbow retreating eastward as I cycled down 32nd street in the rain.  It made me smile.  In fact, it made me want to yell out to everyone I passed, “Hey!  Do you see that awesome rainbow?!?” But I didn’t.  I’m a dork.


p.s. – back to the gardens tomorrow…


So I am back from Amsterdam… my trip was far too short, but it was, indeed, sweet.

Folks seemed to love the picture from the other day… “love evol” and thanks to one of my graffiti Flickr friends, I now know that the artist that created this image goes by the name of Fake.

He’s a Dutch artist, so not surprising I ran across his work in Amsterdam. I only wish I had come across more.

Here’s a nice little interview with him, as well as other images: http://www.world-graffiti.com/2009/09/fake-stencils-netherlands-holland-street-art/

He talks about his preference for using stencils because it allows him to be speedy in public places, and he also mentions how  there are many places in Amsterdam where it’s essentially considered semi-legal to paint… construction sites, etc.  Definitely under the bridge we came across…

No picture for me today… it’s only 8:30pm (but that means 5:30am Europe time) and I need to get to bed for work tomorrow.  If you’re itchin’ for more photos, check out Fake’s photostream on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lype/).

And speaking of Flickr, you can always check out my photostream there too:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/oaktownart Send friends too please.  Cheers!

Under the bridge in Amsterdam

Took a bicycle ride out to the countryside today… glorious! The bicycle is the primary form of transportation here and the rules of the road are very different… cars yield to bikes… and pedestrians watch out!! There are about three-quarters of a million people living in Amsterdam and they own about 600,000 bicycles. Amazing!

We came across this graffiti park complete with half-pipe skateramp under the biggest auto-overpass heading northeast out of the city central (Zuiderzeeweg). So cool…