21 Grand is Right!

So my final stop during last friday’s Art Murmur was  21 Grand, which was hosting their first ever juried exhibition, titled “Wrong!”


I first experienced 21 Grand as an experimental music venue many years ago, when it was still  located at 21 Grand Avenue.  They’ve moved a couple times since, their last location abandoned to make way for luxury lofts and Starbucks. Ahhh, the ever-present struggle of the artist… But they’ve been around since before Art Murmur was even a conception, so it’s nice to see that they’re still going strong.

They focus on experimental music and arts, and can be found just down 25th street from Oakopolis and The Moon, right next door to Smythe’s Accordion Center, which looks like a pretty cool spot too.  Check out the baby doll with angel wings playing accordion.  Kind of twisted, eh?


The WRONG! exhibit focused on works examining ethical misdeeds and wrongdoings in the “decade of wrong.” I snapped a couple quick picks… these little stickers are those tiny little dots that galleries often use to indicate a piece of art is sold.  I found this collection fascinating… almost pornographic. But I think the tiny drawings on these store bought stickers also ask us to question our ideas of what constitute “Fine Art”.  Very cool.

I thought I grabbed a flyer with the artists’ info, but can’t find it now. I am lame. Sorry. But the show is up until November 1st, and there’s lots more to see. Go check it out.


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