Question Everything.

It’s graffiti week here at Oaktown Art, and here is your next installment…

I’ve been wanting to feature these works for some time now, but kept hoping I would find another one to add to the mix.

Here’s the first one I found… a wheat paste on the same abandoned building as the lovely mural “May Peace Prevail on Earth” across the street from Ghost Town Farm.

oakland graffiti, question mark, yellow question mark, question mark etc, wheat paste

I found the next two in the Rockridge / Temescal area. This one seems to be painted right on the sidewalk.

oakland graffiti, yellow question mark, yellow question mark etc, ? etc

And then another huge wheat paste…

oakland graffiti, yellow question mark, ? etc., question mark graffiti

And this one is the true stunner. How in the heck did they do this?! If anyone has any thoughts, please send my way.

oakland graffit, yellow question mark, question mark etc, ? etc. graffiti

I love this campaign… it’s so simple, and yet you can’t help but wonder, and question, and think. If you’ve seen more of these around, please send locations… I’d love to go snap ’em.

Here’s another… added after a reader sent in the location. Thanks Mike!!

wheat paste, yellow question mark, ? etc., wheat paste on bart support

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    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      Got it… Thanks! Updated post with pic at end. There was actually one facing south too which happened to be the way I was driving… Didn’t have time to get the flip side.

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