New Oakland Youth Center Mural Project – the movie!

Here is my first movie. Ever. So cut me a little slack please… have a heart.

After watching it full screen on my big Apple studio monitor, sizing the movie down for YouTube is disappointing… much of the detail is lost here. For this reason I’ve posted a slightly larger than recommended file size. Ideally, you should let it load for a minute or so before watching. Or better yet, click on the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner to watch directly there in a larger window. If anyone has suggestions for sharing larger high-res movie files, please send my way. Thanks.

Oh, and the grand opening party was a smashing success. Standing room only turnout. I’ll post more photos this weekend. But for now… back to the day job (the one that pays the bills, the work work).

1 thought on “New Oakland Youth Center Mural Project – the movie!

  1. rattlebox333

    Awesome movie! No need to be so humble. It came out great. I especially enjoyed the night scenes when the rain rolled through. Those artists busted ass. What a beautiful collaborative effort to kick-off the opening of the Youth Center.

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