Bode Strikes Again!

Just a few blocks from yesterday’s mural I came across something even more magnificent, if only for it’s sheer size. Looks like Bode and friends have been busy since we interviewed him a couple months ago… (ART INTERVIEW: Bode)

This mural, or series of murals, stretches a huge city block between 26th and 28th streets on Peralta… it’s probably two football fields long! Check it out next time you head over to the delectable Brown Sugar Kitchen, just around the corner on Mandela Parkway…

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3 thoughts on “Bode Strikes Again!

  1. Sean Sullivan

    I would like to talk to you more about this project, its evolution and its future.
    Do email me as I didn’t see an email on your site. thanks.

  2. Sean Sullivan

    Thanks Deb, you have a great blog!
    Thank you for doing it.

    The Dogtown Neighborhood Association commissioned this project and we are preparing to have a celebration of the completion of the first part of the project. The Dogtown Neighborhood Association exists to create a clean neighborhood and improve the neighborhood through creation of public art projects through out the community between Peralta and Mandela north of Grand. We are excited to have a world class artist with roots in the community lead the way. We look forward to updating you as the event draws closer and we are able to do even more to awaken the community through public, participatory art.

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