No Cuts to Education!

I saw this flyer downtown on the same photo excursion as yesterday’s stickers. It’s a nice little piece of political art. You can feel the anger and outrage expressed through the artist’s use of line and repetition… tensed muscle fibers ready to explode!

There’s a nationwide “Day of Action” planned for this Thursday to defend public education against a growing tide of cuts to school funding. Thousands of teachers, labor unions, education organizations, and students are expected to rally across the state…  more info at Defend CA Public Education.

SF Gate has a nice recap at Schools in state fired up over Day of Action, which begins “March 4th has gone viral…”  Also Oakland Local has a nice summary of local events planned with their story All Out for Education: Bay Area rallies March 4, including various protest marches convening to a mid-day rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza, downtown Oakland.

This is my last day of stalling… Art Deco Days begins tomorrow!

march 4th rally, no cuts to education, mass rally, frank ogawa plaza