Warehouse 416 ~ aka The Warehouse

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I’d been wondering about this place for awhile, ever since I saw its large sign declaring simply “The Warehouse,” and the smaller signs on its doorway for Veloraptors and Toastmasters. I thought “huh… that’s kind of interesting.”

Warehouse 416 is your classic shared warehouse space in Oakland. With thousands of square feet of space, fashioned into shared courtyard gallery space, individual work spaces, offices, a conference room and more, current occupants include a business consultant, photographer, hat-maker extraordinaire, and one scientist. How cool is that?

art murmur, warehouse 416, 26th street warehouse

Every month they open their space for Art Murmur to feature a new show, including works by tenants as well as community members. This past Friday’s show included paintings by Dada/Surrealist-influenced painter Nome Edonna, metal sculptures by Patricia Chavez, a display of the most beautiful hats I’ve ever seen by Elwyn Crawford’s  O’Lover Hats, (I’m saving my nickels up for one of these babies!), fashion and portraiture photography by Angela Scrivani, and much more. The space has lots of interesting eclectic stuff to check out…

surrealist paintings, nome edonna, art murmur warehouse 416

elwyn crawford, o'lover hats, art murmur warehouse 416

baby dolls, beer advertising collage, doll collection

Similar to their neighbor across the street, Studio Quercus, they seem to host a pretty eclectic range of events and artists, with DJ’s, live bands, open mic poetry, and more. And if that’s not enough to get you there next month, don’t forget, the incredible Liba Falafel truck will be parked right outside!

Regular Gallery Hours are Thursdays & Fridays from 1pm to 7pm.

warehouse 416, the warehouse, oakland 26th street, art murmur warehouse