Since posting the life-size humpback whale mural from Kauai last week,  I was reminded of these giraffes because it seems to me these have been proportioned to be life-size as well. Although, to be honest, I’ve been wanting to post these guys ever since I first started my blog, um, let’s see… how long ago? Anyone? Anyone? It’s hard to believe… but I started this thing a full twelve months ago. And so, with no further delay…

It’s official… today is Oaktown Art’s one year anniversary. Woo hoo!!  (Here’s my very first post from a year ago.  An interesting side note is that this mural is no longer visible thanks to the new Lanesplitter’s on San Pablo, so I’m happy to have documented its existence here.)

And though I can’t say I fulfilled my initial goal of posting something every day, I’m pretty proud of the 200+ posts I have done. Heaps of thanks to my readers.

And now back to the giraffes…

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giraphics, dan fontes, giraphics by dan fontes

large giraffe paintings, dan fontes, giraphics

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giraffes under 580, freeway giraffe paintings, oakland public art on freeways

580 freeway giraffes, giraffes by dan fontes

dan fontes, oakland office of community development, public art oakland

These were painted over 25 years ago! It’s amazing they’re still so vibrantly intact. I love them and am grateful for their existence. (Located at intersection of MacArthur & Harrison, under 580 Freeway)

11 thoughts on “Giraphics

  1. Albin

    when the ivy was alive on the under side of the freeway decking it would dangle down into their face and made them really come alive. I have loved and admired these images for 13 years that I have lived in Oakland – Great post :—,)*

  2. V Smoothe

    Happy Anniversary! I don’t comment here often (or maybe ever, I can’t remember), because I don’t know a lot about art and therefore don’t really know what to say in response to most posts. But I adore this blog. You have filled a real hole in the local blogosphere. I find your posts both delightful and educational, and I am always excited to find a new one waiting in my RSS reader. Congratulations on a full year of blogging, and best of luck in the next one.

    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      Thanks V Smoothe! I’m glad you think so… what a great compliment to get on my anniversary. I’m not sure what’s next… I’d like to redesign, maybe start tweeting (eek!), grow my audience a bit, and then, who knows? Maybe take over the world! 😉 I’ll be checking into your blog more frequently too with the election coming up (though my knowledge of local politics is probably less than yours of art) but I do know that I’m very interested to see who the next Mayor will be. It feels like a critical junction…

  3. rattlebox333

    Happy Anniversary! I have learned a lot of things I never knew about Oakland reading your blog over the past year. It has also made me more aware of the art that surrounds us every time we step into the street. Much success in year two.

  4. themacinator

    happy anniversary!

    they just touched up the giraffes- i can’t decide if the blue in the ears is perfect or a little too much.

    either way, your site, as always, is awesome. 🙂

  5. joe

    some of these are on the new earthquake-retrofitted columns. so they must have been repainted at some point, no? the pair on the concrete wall look older.

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