I haven’t posted much street art lately so I thought for the next few days I’d focus on some new pieces I’ve seen recently.  Here’s the first…

oakland murals, west oakland graffiti art

west oakland mural, west oakland graffiti art, oakland murals

I don’t know who the artist is. If you can decipher the lettering between the two gargoyle figures, that is likely the artist’s name (or moniker). I think I can make out an ‘A’ in the middle, but that’s about it. Anyone good at reading these tags?

west oakland creatures mural, oakland murals, oakland graffiti art

It caught my eye last Friday as I was running errands in West Oakland/Emeryville. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly recent because I’ve been over there a bunch lately and this is the first I’ve seen of this. Located on 35th street (a prime dumping spot despite the cameras and signs that say dumpers will be prosecuted), I think it’s pretty excellent.

west oakland graffiti art, west oakland creatures mural, 35th street mural

Maybe with these guys keeping watch over the street, things will be kept a bit tidier, eh?

4 thoughts on “Creature

  1. Debra Buckley-Runyon

    Hi! I’m Debra and I own the City of Paris in West Oakland -I love my new addition to my compound too! It’s been a long journey, I keep trying to battle the pains of living in this concrete jungle like bad grafitti that I paint over often, AND busting the people that keep dumping behind my building as much as I am able to cathch them. So I asked AJay to paint it – (510) 593-4154 who I know through my very good friend and assistant Billie Mendoza. I specifically asked for gargoyles along with having his tag, with that in mind…they go well with the protectors on my roof. Thanks for appreciating!

    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      Hi Debra… I’ve known of your space for many years because I used to know the guys who ran their foundry downstairs (Jud, Dan, et al). In fact, someone mistakenly called me many years ago to tell me how beautiful my garden was (I actually had my own garden, but he was talking about YOURS… Jud had mistakenly given my phone number b/c my name is Deborah too!) I’m well aware of the effort it takes to carve an oasis out of the concrete jungle… I did so for 10 years and then hijacked it to the hills. You’ve created a beautiful space… Thank YOU!!

      1. Debra Buckley-Runyon

        Thanks Deborah. I am still in touch with Dan Romo, I see Ben around sometimes and am still close with Keri and Jen who own Varnish Gallery SF… Keri used to be my room mate here and helped get it started to be what it is today. I heard Jud is doing good in NY… He was last of the Artworks Foundry crew that rented the studio front building. I upgraded the place after he moved,
        Lets get in touch! I’m on Facebook… Debra Buckley-Runyon. It’s always good to meet a mutual friend.
        And Thanks to whoever that was you talked to, for noticing my roof top garden efforts too!

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