Let the music move you…

Here’s another stencil by Get Up.  This one’s been up for a few months… I shot it back in October and thought it would be buffed immediately.  It’s on one of the BART track supports along MLK Jr Drive and these tend to aggressively monitored for graffiti.  I drove past this just a few days ago and it was still there.  Perhaps they’ve deemed it worthy of staying… or maybe they’re just out of money.

In any case, I love it. If you like it too, check out Get Up’s Facebook page.

Get Up Graffiti, Get Up Boom Box

Get Up, Boom Box Stencil, Get Up Graffiti Artist

1 thought on “Let the music move you…

  1. Nastia

    Hey! Nice blog. I ❤ this stencil. Word of caution, I would not be so specific about the locations of pieces like this because there are self-appointed graffiti destroyers who prowl the internet.
    I too have a Bay Area street art blog (which is currently based in Spain because that's where I live right now) http://fuckyeahberkeleystreetart.wordpress.com

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