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Tripping… by 2am

So I moved this weekend, yesterday evening to be precise…

After 10 years!

As you can imagine, in the course of a decade I managed to cram a ridiculous amount of stuff into various hidden nooks and crannies.   I thought I was traveling light.  I thought it would be easy.  After repeated Goodwill donations and Salvation Army pickups throughout the years, I thought I was in good shape.

I was wrong.

I’ll be digging out for days, and in the interest of keeping my sanity, and my day job, my next few posts will be short and sweet.

Here another sticker from outside what is no longer my home!  (Incidentally, it’s probably a good depiction of how my movers were feeling about hour five into the job… I can’t thank them enough… heaps of gratitude to Crispin & Eric from Anonymous Movers!)

BTW, anyone want to rent a cool loft in the hood???

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