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March Murmur Mashup

Here’s a collection of photos from this month’s Art Murmur… I had intended to do posts on the various artists/galleries but ran out of time, as another First Friday is already upon us.  Jeeezzzz. Hopefully these snaps give you an idea of the variety of cool stuff you can see… and I haven’t even included shots of the electro-string ensemble accompanied knitting circle!

The next few shots are from Hatch Gallery, featuring new works by Clint Imboden entitled “Selected Histories.”

hatch gallery oakland, poetry with shoes

I believe the shoe installation is titled “Words”, however I like to call it Poetry with Shoes.  An interactive display, patrons could rearrange the shoes…

Clint Imboden, Hatch Gallery, Hatch Gallery oakland

Below is also Clint Imboden, from a series of vintage measuring stick sculptures titled “Measure.”  Love these.

measuring stick sculptures, Clint Imboden

The following ultra-cool screen printed poster is by Jason Munn. I love his minimalism and bought one of his earlier posters (Bike & Cats) at a previous Murmur.

jason munn posters, ben gibbard camera poster

The next shots were part of an installation at Mercury 20.  Titled “Inside Out” by artist P.K. Frizzell, x-rayed photographs of collections of common objects are mysterious & mesmerizing.

xray boxes, xray photographys, PK Frizzell

xray boxes, xray photographys, PK Frizzell

These last three are from a show at Studio Quercus, titled Impressions from the CCA(C) Print Shop – The Famous, The Not-So-Famous and the Totally Unknown. It was interesting to see early period works of many local notable artists, and to note how many of these artists have come through CCA.

CCA Impressions, impressions from CCA print shop

Studio Quercus, CCA Impressions, impressions from CCA print shop

Curated by CA(C) alumni and instructor Tim Sharman and CCA(C) alumni and professor Jack Ford, this exhibition spans 60 years of printmaking from the print shop at the California College of the Arts—formerly known as the California College of Arts and Crafts. This show remains up thru April 16th, so check it out…

Tim Sharman, CCA Impressions, Studio Quercus

First Friday – Oakland’s “Great Wall”

This just in from Oaksterdam…

Some of America’s top graffiti artists, sponsored by Montana Paint, will be painting a mural on Oakland’s “Great Wall” (next door to Luka’s) today from 4:30-7:00pm as part of Oakland’s First Friday celebration.

This event is in conjunction with a slideshow presentation on “graffiti versus street art” that premieres tonight at Oaksterdam (1600 Broadway at 7pm, $10 donation) and the Fourth Annual Estria Graffiti Battle taking place this Sunday in DeFremery Park (1651 Adeline Street from 11am to 5pm, free) in West Oakland.

photo courtesy chor boogie

photo courtesy bam

Weekend Fun!

Man, it feels like summer is here… and as you can imagine, there are a whole host of ways to kick off it off right!

I’m taking a break from the bookstore series (but more coming soon) to highlight just a few of the incredible options going on this weekend…

  • ART MURMUR tonight (5pm onward) Free
    Not much to say here other than “do it”. It’s really fun as you can see from my post last month… (Art Murmur is FUN)
  • OPEN STUDIOS (Saturday & Sunday 11am – 6pm) Free
    East Bay Open Studios will be taking place over the next two weekends. This is your opportunity to, not only check out & hopefully buy some amazing art produced by local artists, but also meet the artists in person, tour their workspaces (which I always find fascinating), and enjoy some snacks while you’re at it. Get your maps/directory at the link above (download) or in this week’s East Bay express, and have fun exploring & discovering…
  • BLUEGRASS FOR THE GREENBELT (Saturday 11am – 6pm) $40 – $45
    This is a fundraiser for the Greenbelt Alliance (local advocates for “open spaces & vibrant places”) also sponsored by the Hellman Family Foundation, which I assume is related to Warren Hellman, producer-extraordinaire of San Francisco’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. This event is not free like HSB, but it’s for a good cause, and appropriately located on the beautiful rolling lawns of Oakland’s Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate – a 37-room Neoclassical Revival mansion built in 1899 on 50 acres of urban park land.
  • TOWN FUNK BLOCK PARTY, 19th St. @ Park Blvd. (Saturday 12pm – 5pm) Free
    My friend Desi’s organization Community Rejuvenation Project has orchestrated this BBQ/party in conjunction with local neighborhood businesses and organizations to celebrate arts & community.  Featuring tons of live music including a Michael Jackson tribute by DJ Zeph, free food, the unveiling of four new murals, and more.  Should be a blast!
  • MUSIC IN THE GARDENS, Lake Merritt (Sunday 11am – 4pm) Free
    “Stroll through the beautiful Lake Merritt-adjacent gardens and encounter diverse musical ensembles, from vintage blues to klezmer, classics to classical, Japanese flute to Renaissance recorder, and the Pacific Boychoir. This event will include gardening demonstrations, children’s activities, and tasty food.” I visited the gardens recently on a spin around the lake and they are gorgeous and fully in bloom.  If you haven’t visited recently, I highly recommend it!
  • TEMESCAL STREET FAIR, Telegraph between 45th & 51st (Sunday 12pm – 6pm) Free
    Featuring two stages of live music & performances, “foodie row” with samples of the amazing culinary wizardry available in this new gourmet district, craft & art booths, fashion shows, a Green Zone with info about greening your home, and much much more.

I’m sure there’s more going on as well, but these are the things I’ve got on my radar.  Wish I could do ’em all!

Have a great weekend everybody!

ps – I didn’t have a photo for today, so I’m posting this cute kitty I met recently… (too cute!)

Warehouse 416 ~ aka The Warehouse

toastmasters, veloraptors, warehouse 416, the warehouse oakland, 26th street oakland

I’d been wondering about this place for awhile, ever since I saw its large sign declaring simply “The Warehouse,” and the smaller signs on its doorway for Veloraptors and Toastmasters. I thought “huh… that’s kind of interesting.”

Warehouse 416 is your classic shared warehouse space in Oakland. With thousands of square feet of space, fashioned into shared courtyard gallery space, individual work spaces, offices, a conference room and more, current occupants include a business consultant, photographer, hat-maker extraordinaire, and one scientist. How cool is that?

art murmur, warehouse 416, 26th street warehouse

Every month they open their space for Art Murmur to feature a new show, including works by tenants as well as community members. This past Friday’s show included paintings by Dada/Surrealist-influenced painter Nome Edonna, metal sculptures by Patricia Chavez, a display of the most beautiful hats I’ve ever seen by Elwyn Crawford’s  O’Lover Hats, (I’m saving my nickels up for one of these babies!), fashion and portraiture photography by Angela Scrivani, and much more. The space has lots of interesting eclectic stuff to check out…

surrealist paintings, nome edonna, art murmur warehouse 416

elwyn crawford, o'lover hats, art murmur warehouse 416

baby dolls, beer advertising collage, doll collection

Similar to their neighbor across the street, Studio Quercus, they seem to host a pretty eclectic range of events and artists, with DJ’s, live bands, open mic poetry, and more. And if that’s not enough to get you there next month, don’t forget, the incredible Liba Falafel truck will be parked right outside!

Regular Gallery Hours are Thursdays & Fridays from 1pm to 7pm.

warehouse 416, the warehouse, oakland 26th street, art murmur warehouse