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Magical Mosaic

While I was tooling around downtown to shoot all the gorgeous historic buildings for my Art Deco series, I came across this incredible mosaic installed over what was once, presumably, a rather plain door front on Broadway (2141).  It’s stunning.

mosaic on broadway, oakland mosaic art

It’s hard to see in the photo above, but there are words embedded in the trunk of the tree as it curves around the doorway… they read “Awakening Imagination for Transformation.”

nature motif mosaic, mosaic art, tree with hawk mosaic

mosaic art on broadway, butterfly mosaic, flowers mosaic, oakland mosaic art

mosaic art, nature motif mosaic, mosaic doorway on broadway

It was unclear to me what the business was… there’s a psychic next door to the left; the doorway itself has signs for a notary. I googled the address and came up with the University of Creation Spirituality. I’m not sure if this college still exists at this location, but this is clearly the origin of the mosaic as the detail in tile below reads “UCS 2002.” Other than that, I see no artist’s signature for this amazing creation.

oakland mosaic art, mosaic doorway broadway oakland