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A different kind of Flora…

No, I’m not raving about the amazing cocktails at the swanky Art Deco inspired Flora, again.  This is something different.

I know it’s not exactly Art. Unless you happen to view them as God’s Art.  I don’t personally subscribe to that belief, but I want to share a handful of the beauties the sun has recently coaxed forth in, what-is-soon-to-be, my new front yard. That’s right folks… I’m movin’ to the country!

Not really. Just a few exits down the freeway, and a little bit up the hill, and actually, not for a few months. But still in Oaktown, of course.

After a decade of sidewalk gardening and a parking space filled with potted cacti, I am incredibly excited to get my hands in some real earth. In fact, I’ll be writing a weekly column on Oakland Local about growing your own food, and my first post is up now. Please check it out if you’re green-thumbed like me…

oxalis flowers, oxalis weed, oxalis nightmare

This first one (above) is Oxalis. Considered a weed, and a nightmarishly difficult one to deal with at that, its flowers are really kind of pretty. I can appreciate them for now. But they should be forewarned… I will be diggin’ all those darned little bulbs up!

fuscia clustered flowers

I have no idea what this one is.  Looks like a nice snack for a hummingbird.  Anyone?

poppies, orange poppies

Good ol’ California Poppies!

prosperity, white plum blossoms

And this last one isn’t actually growing in the yard, but rather was a branch given to me by the proprietor of my new favorite soon-to-be-local store… Fernseed. Friends and I walked by after getting lunch at one of the two fantastic taquerias close by, and Christine gave us the full run-down on her incredible store… basically art gallery meets furniture store, with a driving mission of reuse & sustainability. I don’t want to say too much now, because I want to do a full post when I have some pictures. But to give you an idea, she gave three random strangers she just met, each a gorgeous blossoming plum tree branch to take home… tokens for prosperity. I love this woman! And I love her store. Stay tuned for a full post soon…