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A bit of housekeeping…

cute kitty picture

It’s a busy busy workday and while I thought I’d take a short break in my series on Mosaics to give you a snapshot recap of April’s Art Murmur since it’s already come around again, I can’t. Waaah.

Instead I’d like to update you about a few small items of note here at Oaktown Art…

  • I’ve updated my Upcoming Events with some cool stuff to do in the next couple of weeks, including something new from Rock Paper Scissors Collective called Oakland Art Ride, which is a new alternative to Art Murmur (who many feel has become more about the party than the art) – you can read all about it in Ellen Cushing’s Shouts and (Art) Murmurs. Sounds pretty cool and I hope to cover one of these monthly rides in the future.
  • I’ve added a Contact Page where you can contact me directly with ideas for future posts and/or upcoming events, getting linked on my blogroll, advertising or sponsorship inquiries (yes,  yes, I would like to “buy in” and actually have this thing at least pay for my time – has anyone seen Morgan Spurlock’s new film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold? check it out, it’s good), or anything else.
  • I reactivated my Find me on Facebook button (below the RSS subscribe). If you are a Facebooker, please connect with me there and/or share with friends. And if you see/read something here that resonates, I’d really appreciate it if you would pass it on through links at the bottom of the posts. I’m trying to grow my audience and last week’s experience with Freshly Pressed gave me a bit of inspiration.

Let’s see… what else?  I think that’s it for now.  Unfortunately I can’t attend tonight’s Art Murmur or tomorrow’s Oakland Art Ride so if anyone has any interest in doing a Guest Post on one of these topics, please please contact me.  I’m still very much interested in having guest bloggers, though my last attempt at this failed, and unfortunately, I can’t pay you (but of course will link to your own web/blog/flickr sites, etc.)

Thanks everybody. Have a great weekend!  And I’ll be back next week with more on mosaics…