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Laurel Summer Solstice Music Festival!

Tomorrow marks the 7th annual Laurel District Summer Solstice Music Festival.  It’s an all day event featuring 25 bands, DJ’s, artists, and kids activities, focused truly on the cultural & artistic microcosm that is the Laurel District.

Festivities begin as early as 9am (enjoy your morning coffee from World Ground Café over the acoustic bluegrass and bluesy/folksy stylings of the Clusterpluckers – you’ve gotta love that name!), and will run well past the official 8pm close of the festival as a few special acts move indoors (“King” Sunny Ade’s band will be featured at West African restaurant Miliki, and one of Todd Huth’s current outfits, The Knuckles, will perform at Lounge 3411, which gets nearly 5 stars on Yelp, and according to one Yelper, is “a secret magical place in the hood.”)

The festival is being hosted by the Laurel Village Association (LVA) with a great deal of support from Acme House of Music – a veritable institution to local musicians (check out my post from last year’s festival for a short download on Acme:  Support Local Music in Oaktown – bring your lawn chairs and dancing shoes!).

According to the LVA…

Unbeknownst to many, our neighborhood is represented by some of the world’s most well respected artist/bands within a myriad of musical genres including rock, electronic, soul, jazz, hip-hop, punk, metal, experimental, blues and beyond.  And so, this year the festival has a line-up composed solely of talent from our diverse microcosm of Oakland.  Believe it or not, the outstanding entertainment showcased this year is being provided by your neighbors!

From Carl Lockett (Bay Area legendary jazz/rock/funk guitarist), to Matt Payne of chiptune band The Glowing Stars (for those who don’t know, chiptune is a genre of music created using limited sound cards, usually from retro gaming machines such as the NES, Atari ST, and the original Game boys) to surf-rockabilly outfit Trivalve, to the alt-country stylings of The Rogers… the list goes on and on.  See full list of musicians here.

I’m not sure what else to say, except Go!

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Laurel Mural Walk

Here’s just one of the murals that are going to be featured in tomorrow’s First Annual Mural Art Walk in the Laurel District of Oakland…

Sophie Leininger, Jen Martin, laurel mural walk

This mural, featured on the side of the small independent Laurel Book Store, was designed and produced by Sophie Leininger and Jen Martin with assistance from Lucille Dawson, Maria Beddia, and Brenda Bertran.

The mural interestingly incorporates mixed media including photographs, newspaper clippings, and other printed materials into a colorful painted mosaic-like quilt. Here’s a small snippet…

laurel district murals, laurel mural art walk

Sponsored by the Laurel District Association, the walk begins at 11am with a chance to meet the artists involved in the creation of several new murals adorning the Laurel District of MacArthur Blvd (between 35th Ave and High St). Meet on MacArthur near Maybelle (the location of the tiny Farmer’s Market on Saturdays 10am – 2pm).

At 12pm, the group will take a guided tour of the neighborhood to check out each of the murals, and then around 1pm back to the Maybelle location where a BBQ party kicks off with live music (Mucho Axe), live painting, yummy food, and kids activities to boot. Should be a great wholesome event!

More info: