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Land of Sky Blue Waters

Tonight I asked my friend Daki, before heading over to his house, “Hey, is there any cool art in your neighborhood I can photograph before I come over?  Like a mural or sculpture or something?”

He said, “I don’t really think so Miss Deb.  In Montclair?  Naaaahhh… ”

“Hey wait.” he added.  “There IS something.  And it’s actually really cool!!”

Now that is the story of Oakland.

I think anyone in this great city can find an amazing work of art nearly anywhere.  It’s all around us.  The trick is simply to notice.

And with that being said, here is the “really cool” mural from Montclair…



Artist signs as only “Stefen” with a date of 3/1/99 and a dedication that is no longer legible.

Looks like we’re on a roll… Stay tuned for more murals!