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It’s tulip time…

spring flowers, tulips blooming, mountain view cemetery, spring in oakland

I took a quick spin through one of my favorite places to walk in Oakland, Mountain View Cemetery, and realized it’s that time again… We’re still getting our share of rain (Sunday was a doozy) but plenty of warm sunshine too, and already the plum blossoms and daffodils have yielded to later blooming beauties, like the magnolias, wisteria, and these majestic reds. It’s a brief window… you gotta catch it when you can!

This got me to thinking that maybe I should focus on some of the gorgeous gardens in Oaktown, no doubt sprucing up under these longer warmer days for your viewing pleasure. Also, I’m working on a gardening series for Oakland Local, and Earth Day is coming up (lots of celebrations this weekend), so it seems right to focus on some greenery for a bit.

I’ve already written about some of my favorite gardens in Oakland:
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More to come.  Please stay tuned…