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Mural Project coming soon…

So this is where it all started…


My Oaktown Art blog that is. It really began with this mural, and a small inscription that read “Peralta Street Mural Project coming soon… Please Respect.”

I had driven or biked past this stretch of Hollis Street hundreds, if not thousands, of times over the last decade or so… it’s on the way to Home Depot, the Post Office, my bank, my work, Trader Joes, and more. It’s practically a daily occurrence. And one day… a few weeks ago, this gorgeous girl caught my eye. She had materialized literally overnight.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll fill you in on more of the story, including my meeting with the artist…

Welcome to my first post… WOO HOO!

My goal is to highlight all of the amazing public art that exists in the incredible city of Oakland, California (aka ‘Oaktown’ – my hometown).  One piece of art per day.  Every day.  If possible.

Here’s my first… Suits & Soldiers


oaktownart_20090901_dtlOk… so technically, this mural exists in Emeryville (corner of Adeline & San Pablo) which I’m sure seems a strange choice for my first post about Oakland art.  But I choose this piece as my starting point for three reasons:

  1. It is literally a stone’s throw from the Oakland border. Close enough in my book…
  2. It’s simply awesome.  I love it!  Reminiscent of the work of the unbelievably talented Bansky.
  3. You won’t be able to see it much longer.  The adjacent lot is currently under construction (note bulldozer) and will soon be filled by a new Lanesplitter’s Pizza, which I guess won’t be a horrible addition to the neighborhood, but I will miss this mural.  Go see it now while you have the chance!

The artist is Matt Reynoso… 1/2 of the talented artistic duo behind the Compound Studios & Gallery, a studio and gallery space for over 20 working artists in Oakland.  They’re doing neat stuff.  Check ’em out.

Oakland is COOL.