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Mystery Neighborhood in Signs

This is a test. Don’t panic. It’s all in good fun. And I don’t have any prizes anyway, so there’s really no pressure. Just the sheer satisfaction of being right. It does feel good, doesn’t it?

In any case, I was wandering about a small stretch of Oaktown on Saturday afternoon… I wasn’t feeling well, thought I was coming down with something, had a horrible headache, and had been pounding echinacea all morning. Needless to say, I was feeling a little sensitive.

Everything and everyone seemed to be in my face. People were too loud. Smells were too intense. Signs seemed to be screaming at me. I was stressed.  It got me to thinking about how our environment shapes, not only our immediate experience, but our actual ongoing selves. How we internalize our surroundings…

They say “You are what you eat,” and that may be true. But I think perhaps more importantly, you are what you experience. And the surroundings you move through on a day-to-day basis definitely color this experience.

This is one of the reasons I’m such a fan of public art, but more on this in another post…

For now, we come to the test… it’s just one question.  Pretty easy (I hope not too easy).  But NO Googling.  See if you know it on your own. There are bonus questions at the end…

1) Do you know what neighborhood these signs are from?

(clue: they were all taken in about a 3 block stretch)

art deco signage
hand written menu
northern california coin exchange
bold text signs
menu specials

chalkboard menus

Sign left has to be one of the most interesting combos I came across!

Colorful street signage, chalkboard signage

odd mix of building tenants

Sign right: I love the interesting mix of building tenants

bright yellow sign

Bonus questions: Do you have any kind of emotional reactions to these signs? Do certain colors or designs appeal to you while others grate? Do any make you laugh? Or cringe? I’m curious…