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Fruitvale Village ~ teeming with mosaics

I don’t have much to say about the mosaics at Fruitvale Village, other than, if you have not been there, you should go.  My pictures do not do them justice, as they must be examined in person to truly appreciate the number, size, and breadth of designs incorporated.

fruitvale village mosaics, large scale stone mosaics

round bench in plaza ~ approx 20 feet across

fruitvale arches, fruitvale mosaic arches, mosaic gateways

mosaic gateway to the plaza

Fruitvale Pedestrian Plaza Art, fruitvale plaza mosaics

large scale stone & tile mosaic

oakland public mosaic art

more sidewalk/pedestrian mosaics

fruitvale mosaic arches

traditional Roman technique using uniform stone squares

woman with spear, stone mosaics, fruitvale transit village art

designs incorporate culturally diverse references

large scale stone mosaics, fruitvale village

a subtle and consistent palette is achieved using natural stone tiles

fruitvale arches, fruitvale plaza mosaics

these too are crafted from natural stone tiles

tree in hands mosaic

I love the image of the tree cradled by human hands.