Time’ll Tell

I was at a party last weekend and a friend was talking philosophically about how the rate of change is continually accelerating. What once might have taken a century in terms of transformation, now takes a decade. In the future, maybe just a year.

This not-so-little piece of graffiti art seems to touch on that…


It’s actually a giant wheat paste! The bicycle rack gives a sense of scale… needless to say, it’s large. The buffalo probably measures a good 10 ft in length and nearly 7 ft in height, and seems to be a reproduction of a smaller drawing. It was printed out onto 5 large sheets of poster paper, then cut out into pieces and pasted up onto this shuttered Wolf’s camera drive-thru. There is no artist’s signature.

I’m not sure what it means… a clash between eras, and the conflicts that result? Man’s domination of nature? The title lends a clue, I suppose. What do you think it’s about?

It’s technically in Berkeley, at the intersection of Ashby & Telegraph, but it’s only about 6 blocks from the Oakland border, and cool enough to warrant the border crossing.

7 thoughts on “Time’ll Tell

  1. Zakary Zide

    I have been a fan of this ‘graffiti’ ever since i drove past it some time ago.
    It’s an intriguing mash up of modern primitive imagery. For me it speaks to and raises questions about the culture of nature and the nature of culture. It also obviously references cyborg philosophy – a hybrid of organic and machine, flesh and nature – and that perhaps, somehow, both are the better as a result.

  2. Ryan Silvan

    I just love this piece so much. Glad to see that Berkeley finally made the cut!!! That special individual heads up email made me feel like the Berkeley Ambassador of Oaktown Art.

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