EARTH Sticker


Saw this cool bumper sticker the other day in the Redwood Park parking lot… As I was snapping the picture, I heard the car beep and unlock and realized its owners were behind me and approaching the car. I immediately felt guilty and suspect! But the 12 year old boy was smiling at me, as was his mom, who simply asked, “Would you like one?”

Yes please!!

Her friend (artist Philip Kohn) created the sticker as a means to raise money for non-profit organizations working to protect biodiversity and wilderness. Seems fitting that I would come across this in our lovely protected Redwood Park, which undoubtedly is one of my favorite things about Oakland.  In addition to the redwood groves (just a few miles from downtown), the park contains over 1800 acres of evergreens, chaparral, streams, and grasslands and is home to many critters including the rare golden eagle! This according to their literature… I can’t say I’ve ever seen one.  Though I did see a great horned owl once.

If you want to support his cause, or just have a cool bumper sticker, you can pick them up here:

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  1. Rattlebox

    I am surprised you have not seen the Golden Eagle in RWP. They are _everywhere_! 😉 Cool sticker. I want one.

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