“First Ride” on BART

I’m back after a weeklong hiatus… did you miss me?

Today will be a quickie as the reason for my disappearance was a ridiculous amount of work at work.  Isn’t spring break just around the corner?!? Oh wait, that’s just for kids…

Speaking of which, I saw these wonderful posters at the 12th street BART station two weekends ago on my way to the marathon and half-marathon finish line downtown.

Josh Ellingson, BART poster series, BART art poster ads

Josh Ellingson, BART animated ads, BART art posters

The images are part of BART’s art poster program which aims to “enhance the physical environment of stations and cars, and celebrate the wealth of artistic talent in the Bay Area.” The posters are hung in unused advertising space and appear without any slogans or promotional messages.

Of course the inherent message is Bart can transport you to amazing places!

These are two of a series of three, titled “First Ride,” by Bay Area artist and illustrator Josh Ellingson. You can see the third on SFBART’s blog, as well as read about Ellingson’s inspiration and process for creating these whimsical works.

3 thoughts on ““First Ride” on BART

  1. Daniel Gonzales

    Nice Post! very cool art that I would of never came across. I was wondering if you were able to take a picture and capture of a work of art some one spray painted on a bill-board on 40th and telegraph about two months ago over a Hawaiian airline AD. it was about 20′ long and 5′ high. and all it said was ‘Aloha Family’ I was not able to decipher the artists name. It was taken down a week and a half later but it was sure a sight to see it over the intersection. thanks for maintaining the blog!


    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      Hey Danny,

      Missed the Aloha piece but it does sound cool… it kinda gives me an idea to have a section on the blog for guest submissions of cool stuff other people see. Do you think that would be cool?

      Thanks for writing in,

  2. Daniel Gonzales

    yes that would be great! MATTER OF FACT. two days ago at the Mcarthur BArT station (on 40th) there is a 5 foot tall rice paper pasted piece that just went up. i hope it’s not gone yet. it’s on one of the Pillars that is part of the divider in the street, (the piece looks like an ancient peaceful god Egyptian inspired if i had to say.)

    looks like an artist you have posted before that seems to like pasting on Bart/free-way pillars.

    hope you get a chance to see it!

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