What’s YOUR interest in Oaktown Art?

Hey Peeps, so I’m a bit stumped this week… feeling lackadaisical… awaiting inspiration (sometimes you just have to wait)… yet nothing is springing forth to grab my attention and say, “Hey! Post about this this week.”

So I thought two things:

  • First, I’d share a list, because everything I’ve read about blogging says you simply must post lists. People eat them up like hot-out-of-the-oven-chocolate-chip-cookies. They may not contain the most nutritious content, but they’re delicious and they go down quick!
  • Second, I’d ask you all what you’re interested in. Because one of my favorite parts of blogging is the feeling I get when I can see, through comments or traffic, that something I’ve posted really resonates. So please, chime in and let me know if you have specific interests about art and/or culture in Oakland…(scroll below question mark for input form)

So here is a list of the Top-30 All-Time Search Engine terms used to hit Oaktown Art:

  1. if you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission
  2. what is art deco
  3. oaktown art
  4. gats graffiti
  5. wheat paste graffiti
  6. california spiders
  7. where is dave chappelle now 2010
  8. dave chappelle 2010
  9. art deco
  10. earth art bumper sticker
  11. ghost town farm
  12. oakland graffiti
  13. new parish oakland
  14. ras terms
  15. guitar art
  16. art in the streets la
  17. modern folk art
  18. dia de los muertos art
  19. vagina
  20. mua oakland
  21. wheat paste art
  22. wheat paste
  23. graffiti stickers
  24. sticker art
  25. temescal creek cohousing
  26. ella baker center
  27. alameda county courthouse
  28. art’s crab shack
  29. someone is spitting on the liars and hypocrites in the name of jesus christ.
  30. the layover oakland

oaktown art feedback, what would you search for?

Feel free to post comments as well if this form is too confining…

4 thoughts on “What’s YOUR interest in Oaktown Art?

    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      umm… that’s not exactly the kind of helpful info I was seeking. but i suppose it’s better than the first response i got – “oaktown art”. argh!

  1. arph

    what about trucks with murals on them? There are a bunch around the temescal area that I see…one I’m thinking of is a moving truck on 51st usually near telegraph with b&w men dancing up the back. I often think of your blog when I see them.

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