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So I know Friday is s’posed to be partyin’ partyin’ fun fun fun lookin’ forward to the weekend, but not for me. Not today.

This sticker pretty much sums up how I feel, so I’m just puttin’ it out there.  It’s healthy, right?

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And why am I such an oscar-the-grouch this morning? Little things really. Insignificant if you think about it, but I’d rather vent for a minute and be done with it.

  • First, my little survey yesterday was an utter failure. Only 4 responses, two of which were pathetically un-helpful (“Oaktown Art” and “vagina” – thanks B!) The two more serious answers were “street art” (here you go!) and “new art in Oakland I haven’t seen” – hmmm, that’s a toughie since I’m not you, but I’ll work on it…
  • Next, because I am a Luddite and am late to the Twitfest, I’ve just discovered that someone’s already using my handle (oaktownart). The nerve! I actually tweeted him (my first tweet ever) to ask if he’d consider changing his name, and he replied NO, despite the fact that until yesterday, he had only 1 tweet under his belt. (sigh) What to do dear readers? Do we launch a Colbert-style assault to humiliate him into changing? Or do I change? And if so, please tell… what should my twitter handle be?

There.  I feel a bit better.  Now on with the “Gettin’ down on Friday”…

10 thoughts on “Express yourself…

  1. Dave C.

    Maybe @OTownArt is still available? It has the advantage of having two fewer characters than @OaktownArt, which means that people might be slightly more likely to mention it in their own tweets. Just a suggestion!

    Sorry that you were disappointed by the responses to your previous post. I know from experience how frustrating it can be to put something out there and get little (or no) feedback. My only thought about what I’d like to see more of on your blog is that it might be nice to see more posts about gallery shows in addition to the street-oriented art that you seem to write about more often. Don’t get me wrong—I love the focus on street art, murals, etc., and I know that you do cover the gallery scene as well, but if you’re looking for a way to add to your workload, I would vote for additional coverage of the conventional art scene (reviews of local gallery shows, or profiles of local artists you find interesting, or whatever else strikes your fancy).

    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions DC! I love the ideas of doing more “conventional” art (gallery shows, profiles, etc.) and I’ve also been asked to incorporate more artist interviews which could tie in nicely. The hitch is finding the time. But I know I’ve been slacking a bit and I’m getting geared up to reinvigorate… Thank you!

      ps – I seem to be following in your footsteps unknowingly b/c I just shot that ghost bike on Market last week (before seeing your post)… didn’t catch the Black Panther sign though, and I’ve been by there hundreds of times. Nice find!

      1. Dave C.

        Funny! I often have the feeling that someone is tailing me as I ride around town, so now I know it’s you. I’ve been slacking even worse than you—one very short post per month seems to be the pace I’m on these days. I keep hoping that inspiration will take care of itself in due time, but that strategy doesn’t seem to be working yet! 😦

  2. Gene

    And I’m to blame for the “new art” comment. Chances are very good, if you haven’t seen it before, I haven’t 🙂 I especially like the mosaics (so I’m looking forward to the Jingletown arts walk coming up) and murals; wheat pastes less so.

  3. Lonnie

    Oaktown Art,

    Firstly, I can hear your frustration with putting energy out there only to get a low response. Secondly, might I suggest you do not criticize those who respond. OK the “Vagina” response was not particularly helpful, but hey, have you ever read responses on youtube? It is an open range out there and it is the internet and you are choosing to blog AND asking for responses. Expect a range of responses from a range of people.

    Be specific as to what your are asking for, be explicit in your survey. The list of keyword search terms that followed your search/ survey suggests terms or words that you wanted your readers to source. In your survey ask folks for a description in their own words.

    Also, don’t criticize or be snide to those who participate in your survey. They took time and energy to respond. It may not have resulted in what you were looking for, but to engage folks, kindness is key.

    Lastly, be kinder to yourself. This business of engaging people is hard work. You’re doing a great job, and your persistence will carry you. I personally enjoy reading your words. Many read, but don’t respond. Self effacing humor is good, venting is important… maybe write it your notions down, get it off your chest, but then – wait, think on it, after 24 hours decide whether to publish those thoughts or not. Your call ultimately, but a little time does help.

    Oh – I would like to hear specifics about art shows, quality art reporting, critical analysis of current art shows, and reports of specific art events. If your blog is about “cool public art and culture” – then I want to read more in depth reporting on the range and diversity of public art going on in Oakland – vernacular, street, to planned public art. Give us and in depth understanding of what is happening in our fantastic City of Oakland.

    Thanks for your creative work in words and perspective.

  4. Matt

    I really enjoy this blog, mostly because of the Oakland specific content. I appreciate your asking for readers views and hope you can reinvigorate your interest. Oakland is lucky to have such an amazing art scene. I would like to read more historical context, there have been many great artists from Oakland for a long time. Also maybe something like “live blogging” from Art Murmur could be interesting. I know both of these ideas would require lots of effort, but would be unique. Thank you for your blog.

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