Exploring Fruitvale one mural at a time ~ St. Elizabeth High School

Oakland’s Fruitvale District, home to a large portion of the city’s Latino residents, is famous for its awesome annual cultural events – the Cinco de Mayo parade and Dios de los Muertos Festival – as well as its incredible profusion of colorful public murals, among other things.

These artworks portray the very fabric of the community in all its cultural history and diversity. Here is one…

Created by the 2005 Senior Art Class taught by David Burke at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School, the mural depicts St. Elizabeth of Hungary – a symbol of Christian charity, and a pelican – a symbol Christian compassion.
St. Elizabeth of Hungary, pelican mural, fruitvale murals

symbol of Christian compassion, pelican symbolism

fruitvale mural, east oakland murals, st. elizabeth high school mural

PS – This is the third assignment from my June blogging e-course… “Write a bite-sized blog post. See if you can say everything you want to say in 100 words. Actually, I couldn’t! (My post is 100 words short, but there was much more I wanted to say.)

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