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Sausal Creek Mural

Spotted this lovely little interactive mural on my stroll through Dimond Park the other day.  For those who haven’t been, this park is a real treasure and now one of my newest frequent destinations in this new neighborhood I’m discovering…

Featuring a recreation center, tennis courts, the Lions Pool, gorgeous picnic & play areas shaded under old growth oaks and redwoods, and hidden trails that lead along Sausal Creek up through 12 acres of restored canyon watershed, Dimond Park is an incredible neighborhood resource.  More on the creek & canyon tomorrow…

dimond recreation center, dimond park, sausal creek mural

sausal creek, dimond rec center, dimond park oakland

Mural produced in 2008 by:

Dimond Rec Afterschool
Ace Arts (friends of Oakland Parks & Rec)
Kristi Holohan