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Street Art ~ Modern Folk Art

Hey all… it’s a busy busy week.  Sorry no post yesterday, and today’s going to be a quickie!

I’ve got a few more  gallery stops to share from our Murmuring last Friday, but you’ll have to check back for those…

For now, a wheat paste we spotted on Broadway… a collaborative effort by four local street artists:  GATS, Ras Terms, Dead Eyes, and I’m not sure about the last guy… he does a lot of stickers proclaiming “Beer is Good”, a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

ras terms, dead eyes, gats, graffiti against the system, broke

A couple of these guys’ works (and those by several more) will appear in a group show this Friday night at Basement Gallery, 7 – 10pm. 

Curated by local graffiti afficionado Endless Canvas, Deep Rooted Scribes is billed as “a look at modern cultural folk art.” Should be pretty cool…

Basement Gallery
1027 3rd Street
Oakland, CA 94607

courtesy of Ojos sin Vida's Flickr photostream


Some short posts this week… busy busy busy.

People loved the first one of these, found just across the border in Berkeley (Time’ll Tell). This one’s just across the border too, in Emeryville though, and mostly gone now. I shot it awhile ago, but sadly only after somebody already ripped a chunk of it off.

What do you think it said?

broke, sss, time'll tell, giant buffalo wheatpaste

A giant wheatpaste cut to shape, it seems to be a reproduction done in a few large pieces from a smaller, quite detailed drawing. Pretty cool, eh?

Hoping to fine one in Oaktown-proper one of these days… (hint hint)