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Ave Maria ~ Hail Mary

Here’s another one of those incredible giant wheat pastes… spotted just around the corner from the last one (abandoned building on San Pablo near 35th street freeway overpass).  This is the biggest one yet, spanning at least 15 feet wide, and fashioned out of more than six 3-foot wide strips of paper.

hail mary, giant wheat paste, east bay street art

hail mary wheatpaste, ave maria wheatpaste, bison wheatpaste

“Ave Maria” is latin for “Hail Mary,” a traditional Catholic prayer asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary. Interesting…

giant wheatpaste, bison wheatpaste, east bay graffiti

Similar to the others, a bison is depicted with some type of bomber plane encasing (or replacing) its head.  But unlike the others, this one has more than four legs.  Hmmm….



Some short posts this week… busy busy busy.

People loved the first one of these, found just across the border in Berkeley (Time’ll Tell). This one’s just across the border too, in Emeryville though, and mostly gone now. I shot it awhile ago, but sadly only after somebody already ripped a chunk of it off.

What do you think it said?

broke, sss, time'll tell, giant buffalo wheatpaste

A giant wheatpaste cut to shape, it seems to be a reproduction done in a few large pieces from a smaller, quite detailed drawing. Pretty cool, eh?

Hoping to fine one in Oaktown-proper one of these days… (hint hint)