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Ave Maria ~ Hail Mary

Here’s another one of those incredible giant wheat pastes… spotted just around the corner from the last one (abandoned building on San Pablo near 35th street freeway overpass).  This is the biggest one yet, spanning at least 15 feet wide, and fashioned out of more than six 3-foot wide strips of paper.

hail mary, giant wheat paste, east bay street art

hail mary wheatpaste, ave maria wheatpaste, bison wheatpaste

“Ave Maria” is latin for “Hail Mary,” a traditional Catholic prayer asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary. Interesting…

giant wheatpaste, bison wheatpaste, east bay graffiti

Similar to the others, a bison is depicted with some type of bomber plane encasing (or replacing) its head.  But unlike the others, this one has more than four legs.  Hmmm….


True TrustoCorp.

What a weekend! Wow. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. I pretty much did it all, and I’ll be sharing some of the details throughout the week, but right now I want to share this very cool piece of street art. It’s a true TrustoCorp.

trustocorp, trustocorp street sign, trustocorp graffiti

A friend wrote in after my No Killing Anytime post to say that the series looked like the work of TrustoCorp. They certainly did, but they actually weren’t. They were wheatpastes that had been applied over existing real street signs. The way TrustoCorp does it is they manufacture real metal signs.

When this one caught my eye initially, I thought it was a real city sign. Woah, I thought, Berkeley really is progressive! (Sign was spotted right outside Looking Glass Photo on Telegraph Ave where the Pinhole Workshop was held yesterday… great fun… more on that later.) But as I got closer I spotted the TrustoCorp logo (the T inside the “wings”) and then this on the back…

trustocorp sign, trustocorp berkeley, real men use fists

I was particularly excited to see this piece of street art because the whole blogittersphere was abuzz last week with the sightings of possibly Banksy pieces in San Fran, and I was feeling a little left out…

Folks aren’t sure if these are the real deal (they look pretty authentic to me) or the work of a copycat artist, but either way, it’s certainly great P.R. for the recent release of the new street art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. The film had a sneak preview showing in S.F. on the 15th, and is now playing Bay-wide at a few select locations…

Exit Through the Gift Shop Showtimes

In any case, I think Mr. Banksy and the folks from TrustoCorp should make their way over to Oaktown! C’mon y’all, show us what you got…