Random Ramblings…

I’ve been thinking about this awhile now… I’m looking for some guest bloggers. Anyone out there got a passion for Oakland, a camera, and some ideas to share?

I’m not exactly sure how it will work, but I’m open to suggestions… Could be once a week, once a month, or maybe a whole week at some point to give me a little break. The blog is simply a personal project right now and doesn’t have any advertising on it to generate revenue, which sadly means I can’t pay you. It would strictly be a volunteer effort… a labor of love.

Anyone? Please send in comments if interested…

In other news, and I’ll admit this is completely un-art-related, it’s Pickle & Pepper’s birthday! Here’s a shot of them resting up now, so they can party like crazy later. Just thought I’d share…

And last, but certainly not least, here are some mostly-art-related events coming up that you’ll definitely want to check out…

  • 4/23 FridayOakland Underground Film Festival kicks off (98 Broadway, Jack London Square)
    This festival will be running through August so do check their site for schedule details.  This Friday features Local Talent Short Films and I’m particularly interested in A Day Late in Oakland by Zachary Stauffer about the murder of journalist Chauncey Bailey and the history of the Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland.
  • 4/24 SaturdayOakland Organic Plant Sale at California Hotel (35th St. @ Chestnut, West Oakland)
    This event is sponsored by People’s Grocery and related organization Ferment Change. Plants from local West Oakland organic farms (People’s Grocery and City Slickers) will be sold to raise money to hire low-income residents from the hotel to work in the newly established garden and greenhouse at the hotel.  Live music too.
  • 5/1-2 Saturday/SundayOakland Museum Re-opening Weekend Celebration (Oak @ 10th St., downtown) Well it’s been a long wait, but next weekend proves to be an exciting celebration of the newly renovated Oakland Museum.  The museum will be open for 31 hours straight and admission is FREE for the entire weekend.  Check out their site for all the groovy events planned… it’s gonna be a great party!

9 thoughts on “Random Ramblings…

  1. Devora

    I would love to be a guest blogger! I’m moving to Lake Merritt in the next couple of weeks and I have spent a lot of time in Oakland the past few years – would love to write about some of the arty things I’ve seen and heard about. Feel free to check out my blog (updated sporadically but lovingly!) and I am available by email.

    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      awesome. you’re hired! i’ll contact you offline to discuss details. btw, i love your photography. really great stuff. looking forward to connecting… ~ deb

  2. Ryan Sullivan

    I would love to as well!!! My schedule is a bit crazy right now, but I’m sure I can find time to contribute every so often. Let’s talk.

  3. Erika

    Hi there,

    I was actually just thinking of writing you this week to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog!

    I’d love to get involved as a writer and photographer; I spend a lot of time exploring Oakland on foot and have a penchant for the arts, Art Deco architecture, street fashion, public art, design, celebrations, and found objects and notes. I’ve linked to some of my photos of the always-delightful Berkeley Art Car parade, and can send you some writing samples, too.

    1. renaragimova

      I’m gonna second Erika on Oakland street fashion. I think it’s definitly an unfilled niche in the local blogosphere so to speak. And there are so many different styles out here!

  4. susang

    This is all very new to me, but I love writing, I love photography, and I love Oakland. I’ve never before blogged (except for one very small endeavor for a group I started that’s trying to eat their way through Oakland “one restaurant at a time”!), although I did create a slideshow a few years back for a community-service organization that I belong to – it highlighted public art in Oakland in three fairly-distinct locales: close to where I live, close where I work, and close to where I play. There is so much art right here in Oakland, and I would LOVE to be part of documenting and sharing what a completely fabulous place it is that we lovingly call Oaktown. If you would like to talk to me about possibly subbing on your blog from time-to-time, please feel free to contact me. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eye and my heart open for interesting topics!

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