Chasing Spiders…

I warned you things might be sporadic. I didn’t lie.

Today you get spiders. Just because.

oakland california, spiders, spider

backyard spider, california spider

backyard spider, oakland california spider, spider on thread

backyard spider, macro photography spiders

close up photography spiders, backyard spiders, california spiders

All shot today in my backyard, which was actually… a little scary.

Any arachnophiles out there wanna tell me what I’ve got??

10 thoughts on “Chasing Spiders…

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  3. Monica

    I live in Vallejo, CA and have around 20 of these spiders around my backyard. They are huge! And lately, much to my terror, they have gotten agressive. They start to dance around their web and bounce around in an attack like stance whenever you get closer than a couple feet away and last night one got into the house and ran across the floor at me! I wasn’t just in its path, because when I screamed and jumped out of the way, the damned thing stood up on its hind legs, turned to face me and charged again!! Help! What do I do to get rid of them??

    1. studiodeb333 Post author

      Hi Monica,
      They’re actually pretty harmless, and are one of the most beneficial insects for your garden–they prey on pests provide food for other critters, and birds often use their webbing to help build their nests. I’m not sure why they appear at this time of year, but it is a cyclical thing, and just as they appeared, they will vanish when their season has past. I wouldn’t try to get rid of them if I were you, but I do clear their webs from time to time (using a broom handle or something) if they are in an inconvenient place. Hope that’s helpful! ~ Deborah

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